Consultation Bookings

Consultation are conducted on Skype, via telephone, zoom , or in person if you are living in London.

An audio mp3 recording will be provided for you to review at your leisure.

 Wednesdays, Saturdays or Mondays are available for scheduling.
Thank you for taking your spirituality seriously


Natal /birth Chart Astrology for individual  –  60 Minutes

                                                                                           2 hours

 fee: £80

fee £120

Chart rectification with reading                           2 hours  fee: £144
 Astrology of Love and Relationships – 1 hour . fee: £100
Solar return (One year forecasting) – 1 hour   fee £120
Astrology of money, talent and wealth creation – 1 hour .    fee £120
Astrology of work and career – 1 hour   fee £80
Business consultation – 75 min fee £225
Horoscope for children – 60 min fee £75
Election Astrology – (email service only) fee £75
Divination Horary Astrology (one question only via email only)   fee £44
Location, Location, Location fee £80
Tarot Reading – (reading sent to email as a pdf report)  fee £ 44
Financial Astrology – 75 min . £ 225
Astrological of Past Life karma and dharmic duty £ 75

Astrology of Garden design In depth consultation                                                                                          fee POA

Astrology tuition: 12 week Astrology course (enrol for June 1st 2018)

Workshops How to utilise the Moon cycles for goal setting and harvesting manifestations, email for one to one consultation or a group booking workshop.

Introduction to Astrology group workshop: Each group member will have their own birth chart provided to work from