13 Moons to Manifestations (workshop)

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8 Magikal phases of the Moon

Acquire the knowledge and practical skills learning to be in perfect harmony with the ebb & flow of natures rhythms and cycles.

The Moon is the most consistent celestial light that acts like a trigger of an equivalent minute hand of our Astrological clock that absorbs the celestial, signs and planets energy in our Grand Circle of Life called the Zodiac.

Every 28 days on average we are given a unique opportunity to exercise wisdom to programme our intentions, sowing seeds in the Cosmic birthing process of the kissing of the Sun and the Moon.

29 day Moon Phases

Two most important Celestial Lights

Moon Light rules our shadow hours and appears in the sky the same size as the Sun which rules the day. The Moon in your own personal Astrology birth chart = Subconscious, psychic ability, feelings, emotions, inner self, souls purpose and fulfilment

New Moon

Sun burns brightly before us, showing us ourselves as we can or will be, but also too hot for us to endure just at the moment. Sun = Identity, self will and desire to fulfil purpose conscious mind

Full Moon Earth between Sun

In other cultures outside of the West, The Moon is so significant the Birthday is signified by the Lunar phase in the Month of the Sun sign placement with the same phase, your actual birthdate can fall in a 29 day fluctuation from year to year.

Optic thalamus / Left Eye of Horus
Heru Sun Deity
Tehuti /Thoth Moon & Sun Deity

Our Mind is so powerful we can see with our optics nerve better in the dark by our subconscious and emotional heart felt desires, that is attached to a memory or a feeling or a visualisation of our intention we are about to manifest.

These are the sacred ancient keys we will explore in our 13 moon cycle conference call. Every New Moon we use the seeding process to plant our intention in the next 2.5 days and use the planting, planning, toiling and reaping of our intention birthed. we have two cycles of manifestation shorter term goals and longer term goals of a 6 month new moon and full moon and a 14 / 28 day moon cycle also. and we have goals for seasons and overall yearly goals towards manifesting our purposefulness.

Your are invited to the first 13 Moon Manifestation class as a gift, and a subscription for our monthly calls and access throughout the year for individual coaching by your Astrologer Optiks HamiltonFor more info and to gain access to the zoom recording introducing Manifestation Workshop.

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