Destroy then Build, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

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Out of All The Countries featured here in eclipse world map. Where the eclipse is actually visible with a telescope, the path across earth can also be the country going to be in the most turmoil? Definitely, Saudi Arabia. With the monarchy, those who speculate on the markets, will be riding the wave of the world reserve oil prices for sure.

Map Of the Pathway of Eclipse

Welcome to this powerful Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 24° Capricorn at 10:36 UT on 16th July 2016. Illustrated right is where the eclipse (colour spectrum is most powerful in the world and what countries it will have the most influence over.

Algeria & Nigeria in Lunar partial eclipse peak has already been in the news this week. Algeria eclipsing Nigeria in the Africans Nations cup.

Sabian Symbol (regular feature) of Capricorn 24 degrees is “A WOMAN ENTERING A CONVENT” this degree of the zodiac the most sensitive degree of the entire lunar partial eclipse, symbolises the need for us to spend time contemplating our inner most thoughts and to be in touch with our hermit like self. Renewing your faith in seclusion and committing to your spiritual values, therefore better relationships with friends & family away from the noise. Be careful not to shut yourself away, don’t confuse seclusion with loneliness. Be in touch with your true essence, and be aware of feeling confused and alone in suppression, take heedand ensure your own joy will not be eclipsed., in this process. This eclipse touching Pluto is the lower vibrational sensitivity of this very sensitive & powerful degree. Purity is the key.

STORMZY: British Grime M.C. performs @ Glastonbury. With Banksy designed stab proof Union jack vest.  Photograph: Neil Hall ©

Alright, first thing first, I been putting in the work, I Gotta rebel with a cause. I had problem with the fam, had problems with the gang, but I put that sh!t on pause”. Enter the STORM!

This beautiful magnanimous science / Art we called Astrology is always bang on the money, during the podcast in convo with Zena I said ” I have’t looked at Stormzy natal chart but i can bet you any money their is something in his chart that symbolises the transits we are having”. why out of all the celebrities did the Universe choose him to be the archetype of the current story being signposted in the skies. Mars represents friction war, blood, KNIFE CRIME, Leo represents the children and mercury the planet represents the youth, mercury and Mars are conjunct in Leo the sign of creativity, we have the biggest global festival and the archetypal born Leo the lion is Stormzy, with mars and Mercury conjuncting = (next to one another in the celestial skies) Stormzy’s natal Sun its no accident that this great young man identified and bodied this ongoing critical national problem.

Stormzy’s performance puts knife crime that is ripping the nation with mercury in the mix, which means communication and what we read in the press centre stage of the British media, on the biggest global stage in the world. Stars of the Stars is always powerful, their is a reason why they are catapulted above the globe, they are living their natal birth promise to its fullest potential, for sure. stars burn brightly and have this charisma that you feel and is evident for all to see. This is the second month Stormzy made our podcast, last gemini Moon it was his support for us who are keeping Grenfell a top priority forcing change and breaking down corruption in government at all levels. this is what this Full Moon signifies.

Duration of Eclipse

Some Images of relevant stories in the limelight that highlights the cosmic transits and to get more understanding be sure to listen to our great podcasts. Zena calls them fireside chats, myself Optiks call them chilling in the crib.

On another separate tip. The skeletons in the closet are going to be un-earthed. That which was considered well buried, now skeletons bones will be analysed and the story re-told, am literally expecting some important archaeological finds to be dug up most def. Capricorn and Saturn the planet that rules Cap is at home and strong, Make sure you do not have any bones or teeth or skeletal system that needs surgery, could be very painful.

Full Moon Spread

Tarot meets Astrology. The Moon at  its peak in a partial eclipse sees  the Hierophant with the Two of Swords, indicating a deadlock in the shift in the status quo. But it also speaks about arguments, conflict and tension within institutions themselves. They are in disorder and it is possible for ordinary people to make use of this chaos to acquire justice.

Any organisation or established collective may find themselves destabilised, and for them to regain some sense of stability, they have to have a clear vision about what it is you are fighting for. This is what the Seven of Wands stands for – action behind convictions and principles.

7 of Wands

As you can see, there is a man standing on piece of land that positions him above others. He has fought to get there because he is committed to taking a moral high ground. He is holding his wand tightly, continuing to fight  those who are attacking him, but I imagine he is pushing them toward Death which only stands for surrendering to change, transitioning to new ways of doing things. Sometimes, this means drastic and radical change.

If you look at the Bishop in the Death card, (full Moon spread) he is also the hierophant trying to reason with Death. If you look underneath the horse on the Death card, you can see the King who is dead because he refused to bend to the rules of Death, attempting to confront the  skeletal figure who comes to the White Rose of new beginnings. It is only the Child who look Death squarely in the face reflecting the purity and innocence of the White Rose on Deaths flag. Change comes in our lives. Make sure your are not holding on to things that need to die so that new things can be born. You are obstructing your own evolution and that of others who you are in interaction or relations with.

The Disseminating Moon offers a teaching moment where we can learn about being inspired and being inspiring.

The Page of Cups indicates young fruitful and vibrant minds. Almost hopeless romantics. We can definitely look to the potentiality of young folk and what they have to offer but with the Knight of Pentacles’ wisdom of how things work in the real world,  we can channel there that free-floating and blue sky thinking energy to e effective and impactful.

Intergenerational collaboration and dialogue is essential. If we think we can just step back and leave young people to their own devices out of pride or fear we would be being irresponsible.  If we don’t step in and dialogue, we have a reckless Fool (reversed) who can hurt themselves and others, and create damage in beyond repair.

The World card with the Waning Quarter Moon allows us to take a look at how we feel whole. With both the World card, the Death Card in this spread – Saturn and Pluto respectively – its a good thing the Emperor is reversed as it soften the Mars influence. The reversed Empoere explicitly tells us to loosen the grip of any type of control we think we may have. It’s about two of Cups partnership and you will find it increasing difficult and detrimental to try and control and have everything your way at the same time as working with others. Instead, work on listening skills, on the exchange of ideas that reveal an effective medium where all people involved can shine.

Finally the Balsamic Moon asks us to make  a commitment under a divine seal. There is the promise of abundance, wealth, success in business, general all round good health too if hard work, commitment and investment is made to the cause, whatever it may be for you. Balsamic moons ask for prep before New Moon seeding, so focus on how you can feel entirely well-being in the body. Be bold about visualizing the accumulation of abundance, and again work closely with others.

Know when to push and when to relax. Let go. The mental jousting of the five of swords will exhaust you and eventually undermine you so work with others. Let go, and squash petty squabbles else they will carry on into other areas of your life. The eight of course ask you to rise above Minor conflicts because success is waiting for you to go and get it. You just have to make a choice to.

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