Total Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon

Total Solar-Eclipse

Peace & Love welcoming in the Total Solar Eclipse, Please click here to hear this lunar month’s podcast. Myself Optiks Hamilton & Zena Edwards from recorded this in-depth thorough breakdown and analysis: What’s the significance of Eclipses Solar & Lunar; and what does this mean to our own microcosm of the Sun & Moon that Eclipses within us on our own inward spiritual Journey. As well as our regular lunar cycle cosmic forecasting and how to navigate in our collective celestial directing our collective boat to stiller waters.

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The Eclipse is a representation of our outer & inner minds eye or our ‘optic nerve’ / perception from a sensory perception; i.e. what you can see and feel from; projecting light from the dark, our subconscious.

Once someone said to me ‘Optiks last night the Moon was so so powerful it felt like everywhere I went, she the Moon was watching and following me everywhere I can feel her energy, you know similar to when you feel someones gaze on you, it was trippy’. I laughed and replied. “That’s very interesting the Ancients viewed the celestial bodies as actual deities, however in the body of our Universe the Sun and Moon were said to be a more powerful God & Goddess of the Gods and Goddesses the Sun was the right eye and the Moon was considered the left eye”. I’ll share a personal vision of mine in the Astrals. I was sitting on the edge of this huge humungous Planetary like body, swinging my legs just chilling in the cosmos, El oh EL, like one would swing their legs as a child sitting on a wall on a hot summers schools out holiday, all of a sudden I heard this load series of explosions: KrHKrhKrh! crash! bang! wallop! further blinded by a great light, low & behold departing this mighty thunderous noise and echoes was these two great lights separating when this disembodiment process was complete before us was now the Sun and the Moon now disjoined but so inter dependent on one another, then my eyes opened.

Optics the science of vision

However this slice of my life allegorical tale is symbiotic of how my inner Moon eclipsed my Sun that gave me clear vision, whilst the Moon itself = “The Unconscious” how we see through dreams, visions, active visualisation, meditation, memory etc… The Sun is our “conscious” vision, what we see, in our 360° environment of see, feel, touch etcc…. This Union comes back together in the eclipse on a Solar eclipse its from the Sun’s perspective and from the Lunar Eclipse from the Moon’s perspective. The tunnel from the Moon’s pathways to the earth is said to me the pathways of the deities i.e. a tunnel, spirit, pathway to the Gods which really is the optic nerve in the inner brain from the part of our brain governing sight perception and to add on this should inform you how to synthesise in terms of day to day practice from your own spiritual practice. This great alchemy of the masculine and feminine and vica versa. Many of you whom are my personal clients will know we explore and have practical rituals day to day to create our own reality and to decode the ancient great mystics.

Solar Total Eclipse chart Cancer season 2019
Cosmic Astrology Forecast timeline of events

During the Podcast their are key times of this Cancer Lunar cycle util the Luna Eclipse Full Moon of July 16th 2019 22:30 UT. listen to un-code the mysteries herein.

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In our Podcast we; myself Zena & Optiks respectively intertwine Tarot and Astrology fluently for a different perspective and viewpoint

The Moon Child Maiden in this new moon indicates having an innocence – existing in your skin free from blame, shame, or guilt – and allowing yourself to be vulnerable but finding strength in that. Vulnerability does not make you a fool looking falling prey to less scrupulous mentality of others. More so it means you are not frightened of the world and all of its shadow and light, and that you are prepared to face it all but with a deep knowledge and confidence in self that you are capable to handle what life throws you based on your life experiences and got instinct.

The 3 of Swords with the 10 of Pentacles is about setting the intention to heal yourself and your relationships with others to ensure legacy. That healing solidifies a legacy that is foundational and has long lasting impact into the future. This doesn’t exclusively apply relationships with blood family, it also refers to those who are you are chosen family.

It’s about being mindful of words that can hurt for also words that can heal. The threes in  tarot relates to expansion and growth. So three swords penetrating a heart speaks to how logic, the brutal truth of things can wound but they also heal. This card is the realisation of where we have been hurt, how we have been hurt, and the impact of them in our waking lives. However, grief, disappointment, and disillusionment should not reign. Focusing on legacy is what is the most important.

The High Priestess I was reversed when I pulled  the Knight of Swords with her. When you put these two images together you can see in the background a doorway  a type of cosmic intuition. The path however, is blocked by the solid image of the Knight plus 2  more of his shadowy self. With the solo clips offering us illusionary sometimes limiting beliefs our own in a High Priestess/Priest can be obscured. Either side you have statues of Horus, the Sun bringing daylight to any situation, do you have an eclipse happening in the background. Beyond that doorway is where the High Priestess resides – the moon is her zodiac Association.

So what does this to me is, do not allow logic or illusionary tactics to control and manipulate situations, particularly when it comes to Family or close friends. What we need right now is your authentic self for that healing to occur. Logic and reason just won’t cut it now. Ask the Knight to get out of the way or to be useful in deciphering what needs to be said or done to precipitate healing. The Knight is quick thinking Gemini air, and can definitely work in your favour using many ideas at a time to speed up the arrival of a breakthrough in the healing process.

The Chariot reversed and the Knight of Cups reversed speaks to how we can get in our way for personal growth and self mastery. If we allow ourselves to become disheartened, we more often than not become have tunnel vision nursing our hurt feelings and disappointment. We forget the mission is to stay focused and undistracted by what other people say and do when we really should not be taking what they say to hear. 
Obviously, trust is a big component to building a legacy. But to exercise grace and benevolence at the heart of our encounters with others at this phase, we will see how we are sharing and exchanging mutual energy of understanding. 
When we turn the Chariot card and the Knight of cups upright, we are seeing an almost militaristic approach in how we express and offer genuine feelings of compassion and brotherly and sisterly love to others, including those who are not within our immediate family.  Even then having the most patience for immediate family, who are the ones we often take a lot of our grievances out on, we were advised to be mindful not to take them for granted.

Also focus in this half-moon cycle, on compassion for self to begin engaging in a healthy shift with in your relationships and know that you are on an internal journey of emotional clearing house. You also advised to schedule in joy in your diary – laughter, time with children, hobbies that lighten your mood. Holistic well-being isn’t always serious hard work. It’s supposed to be fun.


ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS OF ALL KINDS /ONE TO ONE TUTORIAL (packed with value)  (click services on menu bar). Tarot readings by Zena Edwards click here to listen to podcast

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