Journey Inwards to your Sacred Purpose Full Moon in Sagittarius

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Nut Galactical Centre

Astrology is a Cosmic science / art; that has been kept alive at the forefront of peoples awareness, mainly through the world wide press and dentist coffee table magazines. That being said the higher spiritual principles has sadly been almost lost and forgotten. The Ancients had mythological Deities to expound and simplify Cosmological mysteries. This Full Moon at 26° Sagittarius is a portal @ 09:30 UCT /GMT June 17th into the Great Sophia, Nuit, Maddona, Virgin Mary, Sacred Cow, Yemaya, Nommo of the Dogons in Mali etc…. In Astronomy / Astrology she is the Spiralling of the Galactical Centre. Enter the other dimensions in inner contemplation as she falls next to Jupiter retrograde, Jupiter is very close to the ecliptic of the Earth. These planetary alignments is a calling to Realign self to your sacred purpose and meet your Galactical parents. We (true man / woman) are all descended from the great celestial sea we are from this cosmic egg a vast dark womb called Dark matter, in the illustration Nut arches over Geb, who is actually masculine in this mythos, unusually. Hapi Full Moon in Sag.

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Many Cultures have the Galcatcial centre as the highest place reserved for the highest Goddesses & Gods. Royal heaven of the elite. The highest ascendancy of our spirits, in the Astral and dream world reserved for the Sangoma’s, great healers, ancient healers, medicine women / men around the globe.

The Milky Way

There is a high track, seen when the sky is clear, called the Milky Way, known for its brightness. This way the gods pass to the palaces and halls of the mighty Thunderer [Zeus/Jupiter]. To right and left are the houses of the greater gods, doors open and crowded. The lesser gods abide elsewhere. Here the powerful and distinguished have made their home. This is the place, if I were to be bold, I would not be afraid to call high heavens Palatine.” [Ovid, MetBk I:151-176]”

South America, the Inca’s. The Milky Way was, and still is, referred to as a river flowing through the sky. Its source is said to be terrestrial, the run off of the Vilcanota River, which runs southeast/northwest through the heart Peru. The Vilcanota and the Milky Way are said to be mirror images of one another and for this reason the primary orientation of the Milky Way is said to be running southeast/northwest (Urton 1981:38). During the twilight periods of the solstices the Milky Way forms a cross in the sky. The Galactic centre also is known to have dark star constellations, the abode of various animals. Similarly in the mythos of the bible their was a great flooding of the waters ‘Noah and the Ark’ and the animals had to be saved two by two the constellations of the zodiac symbolic of the animals. Both would seem to represent the timelessness of the Cosmos the vast expansiveness, the ever flowing abundance of waters which can flood to bring in a new age and the destruction of another. The revolution of the cycle of the milky way which our Sun is apart of is said to be 255,000,000 years. Whilst the equinox also symbolic as the ‘renewal of time’ is 26,000 years which is the present quickening, our evolution unto the golden age the Satsa Yuga i.e. cycle of Atlantis was commonly believed to be a golden period the ‘sacred cow’, according Hindu Vedic Astrology.

Many ancient calendars observed that our Sun, along with all the planets in our solar system, move through the Milky Way galaxy in a binary orbit with the star Alcyone in the Pleiades. This is not unusual, as most of the stars in our galaxy are in binary or multiple star systems in their orbits.

The Sun’s Orbit Brings Energy Changes on Earth
Hindu astronomers noticed that as we move closer to or farther from the magnetic centere of the Milky Way galaxy, energy and light bring huge changes in culture and consciousness on Earth. Ancient wisdom held that the Great Year brings powerful energy forces and electro-magnetic influences from the galactic centere, and that this rules the rise and fall of civilisation on Earth.

Denmark Sun in our Galaxy
Swedish Norse Galactic centre
yellow ring represents the celestial north pole, the red ring represents the circumpolar centre and the green ring represents the north pole of our Galaxy

The souls of the deceased were said to go to the Hurin Pacha or “upperworld”. Even while a person was still alive, the soul visited the Hurin Pacha during sleep. Dreams were believed to be views into the upper-world as seen through the eyes of the soul. The milky way connect the heavens and earth If the huacas whom the Inca ask for prosperous life abide in the upper-world, then the Milky Way must be the channel through which they communicate and the shrines the portals. It was called Intip Raimi, “the Solemn Feast of the Sun”. Absolutely every noble from all over the Inca Empire was required to come to Cuzco for this ceremony and all people. The ceremony is a “centering of the universe” around the Inca in the temple of the Sun at Cuzco. The timing of the Intip Raimi in the ritual calendar coordinates with the time Urton reports the Milky Way to align with the Vilcanota River. It was this time, when heaven and earth come together, and the sun rose and set in the Milky Way, that the people came together with their king to pay homage to the sun. As the Milky Way did to the night sky, the Inca partitioned the realm into four sections. As the Milky Way lends order to the universe, so does the Inca king to the empire. Indeed, the cross (four points, Summer / Winter solstice/ Spring & Autumn equinox) created by the Milky Way at zenith was probably one of the Inca symbols of office.

Ezekiel describes four creatures, which we have understood to be the 4 fixed signs of the zodiac (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio,) and their corresponding Ages. He then says that he looked and saw a wheel the color of beryl beside each of the creatures. Beryl is the colour of a blue-green sea. The heavens were considered to be a great sea or ocean, so naturally would be the colour of beryl. The wheel had a wheel inside the wheel. The outer wheel would be the counter clockwise 24,000 year, Great Year, which completes the 360 degree cycle. The inner wheel would be the faster moving clockwise 365 day mundane year. In actuality, the ancients once used a 360 day year. A month, Moon cycle. 24 hours and finally 255,000,000 years for the Galactic centre to revolve

Ezekiel 1:10 Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a human being, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle.

Ezekiel 1:15 As I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground beside each creature with its four faces.

De la Vega described an inner shrine in the palace at Cuzco, a place where only those of royal blood could enter. The room was called a huaca and housed an heirloom handed down from king to king. It was a large cross of fine marble. De la Vega strongly asserts that this was not a Christian cross and that the Inca did not worship it but rather revered it as an ancestor or huaca. 

The podcast : I guess its befitting being at the culmination of Gemini season (very chatty mood) and Sg / Jupiter expansiveness and searching exploration of world culture; concluding the spring. Below is kaleidoscope of images in our review of the stories we prophesied, featured in our podcast only: oh before I sit at my meditation rug.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon on the “G Spot”, @26° Sag (pun intended) is “A FLAG BEARER IN BATTLE” TO HAVE THE COURAGE OF ONES CONVICTIONS AND STAND UP FOR IDEALS. As a pioneer, flying your flag before the troops of old has arrived on the battle field think modern day ‘Public Enemy” symbol. Onto the review of Gemini New Moon; June 3rd predictions images below check for the podcast for thorough breakdown analysis and our metaphysical take on a news cycle. (podcast: will be added very shortly to this blog)

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Am about to sit in silent peace and meditate these revelations and connect, transmit and receive, Inshallah. Much Love Zena & Optiks

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