The birth chart

                                     Cosmic contract of agreement  
How it works
When we are born we chose to incarnate at a specific time in space time continuum; this precise moment is cosmically aligned with planetary signature’s these are related to our physiology, personality traits, gifts and talents, luck and fortune as well as trials, difficulties and challenges set in our pathways to overcome, battles to win essentially our own hero’s journey which we are called to rise to. 
Get off the Hamster wheel of life.
Ever feel like your going round and around without actually getting anywhere.
Revolving around in the same cycles?
Develop new approaches  to self perception.
How do you see yourself?

Most Astrological consultations are actually birth chart readings or Solar return / birthday reading, which are actual yearly forecasts. To book a consultation, or solar return; see the link for the booking page below.

Enhance new ways to develop different approaches to life and ridding your self of old habits that just don’t serve progression in life.
Be like the Sun the nucleus of your own Universe.  Be secure in your purpose, sense of self and clarify your direction. Honouring your own unique Universe.
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” Albert Enstein
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