Sagittarius Moon cycle Forecast

Do it big or not at all

Sagittarius New Moon Forecast for 28 days December 7th 07:18 hours GMT.

This podcast was first broadcast on Dec 9th 2018 @ 14:40 – 16:00 hours on or 104.1fm London Britannia. click here to  listen to this podcast  (slight noise interference for first 3 minutes)

The moment to seize opportunities and your blessings, is  more easy to attract now and in the next 12 months, Jupiter has a lot of correlations to how the Law of attraction works.

Timbuktu Ancient University. People around globe, learnt the deeper Universal mysteries

I Seek, Therefore Explore

Sagittarius season is my favourite season of the zodiac, Jupiter the Lord of Sagittarius is at home, Jupiter is the most expansive planet in our solar system and keeps increasing at such a rapid rate that Nasa think it’s Planet Niburu or Planet X, Jupiter is the higher mind, and deep spiritual insight and exploration of different spiritual schools of thought the world over. In exploration of your truth, aim your arrow précis and swift in pursuit of the great spiritual mysteries

Jupiter, Angelic presence in your birth chart

In the pre modern days, If you wanted to seek the wise sage and Guru’s, Yogis, high priests or Shaman you’d have to mount your horse, elephant or camel and travel across, kingdoms, dominions and empires and wander across rivers and seas, mountains and valleys and be a true initiate into your pathway of knowledge.

“Remember, then, son of earth, that the empire of the world belongs to them who possess the sovereignty of spirit, that is to say, the light which makes clear the mysteries of life” quote taken from TheSacred Tarot.

Astrology book of Ancient days in Timbuktu

TrueReligion is the Discernment of the Divine Plan and a Conscious Cooperation in its fulfilment”. Quote taken from Light of Egypt organisation

7 Hermetic Principles

 We can now explore these far distant places in the leisure of our own home, with books and one can be schooled by the wise ones via an online webinar in the comfort of your home. 

“Remember, then, son of earth, that the empire of the world belongs to them who possess the sovereignty of spirit, that is to say, the light which makes clear the mysteries of life” quote taken from TheSacred Tarot.

Global economics ,stocks and commodity markets: Universities, will be doing big business and also becoming in vogue, will be guided tours to key cities that host’s or hosted the priest and priestess-hood, Ancient Egypt, Aztec culture, TheTor; the village where Stonehenge is located, Spiritual retreats in India and the like. This is the best time to actually travel like the  days of old and be in the presence of the genuine wise ones. 

Universal Law        

Universal Law: Jupiter rules Ecclesiastical  Law & International Law

In the podcast we explained Jupiter being the International law the higher courts, Supreme courts European Courts of Justice and the Royal Court, all these courts have featured in the controversial Brexit negotiations. When Jupiter was in Libra , now he is in Sagittarius. The major sticking point, is about sovereignty of International borders and International trade agreements, Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury = merchant trading.  When the people returned the vote returned , to a lesser Tory party majority;  We made our prediction on the Gemini season broadcast on Omega radio that Theresa May had a further 18 months left before a ugly coup d’etet will take effect, and a possibility of Corbin becoming prime minister as a result,It’s a 60- 40 chance.

Mercury retrograde from Sag – Scorpio; which we are still very much under the frequency resonance of, has revealed unprecedented times in the  U.K. Floundering Parliamentary law, (Jupiter) The Government was out voted and Theresa Mays Government was found in contempt of court, as the attorney general was forced to reveal to the house, his private disclosure to May in regards of Brexit withdrawal negotiations, to the rest of parliament;

Cartoon copyright: Mercury News

The Attorney General stated that the European Council was very vague on assurances on INTERNATIONAL LAW, BORDERS AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE AGREEMENT, AND U.K. WOULD HAVE TO ATTAIN FIRMER ASSURANCES, that cannot be reneged upon as it is presently, this was meant to be in secret from the rest of parliament.

We make these predictions not to beat upon our chests, how accurate or how good our branch of Astrology may be over another. We looked and examined at the future outcome for two reasons,. Their is Astrology of countries, or nations-states. They where incorporated on a date and time just like a person, we had done analysis of the outcome of the elections of June 8th 2017 for a client, and Theresa may was a dead woman walking from a long time ago, two years and 4 months ago, on the greatLeo eclipse, not to mention the Tory party birth chart is littered with ugly brutal takeovers. Like am saying, we make these predictions to gauge future world events and how this effects the price of commodities, stocks and finances of the countries. Astrology was always for the King and Queen and attached to the priesthood of ancient days, nothing new.

It was obvious to take up a sell position on the GBP currency within this period, Also look for stocks in the publishing sector, advertising, books and Airline companies, glad to see tin is bouncing back already. Planet Jupiter rules tin.

December 7th– December 26th listen to podcast

NEW YEARS: So this Month I’ve utilised this blog to explain a couple things we missed out in the broadcast / podcast, so, moving on to New Years celebration

December 27 & 28th Sensitive stomach day, be prudent with what you are ingesting, also this could be a time of confusing spiritual thoughts, Take the highest approach be philosophical about it all, see the bigger picture, you may feel as though you can’t see the wood from the tree’s, as family is together still, avert arguments big ones too. Those whom are intoxicated with spirits literally or alcohol may be the fuse.

December 31st and December 1st. More people are going to be lubricated with alcoholic beverages than usual for this time of year, so be wise in your usage, lot of drowning of sorrows also, so stay safe, Bartenders will be the shrink of the night lol.

Sagittarius / Jupiter Correspondences

Crystals  & Stones: Turquoise, Topaz, Sapphire, malachite, sandstone & marble

Colours: dark / navy blue.

Day of week :  Thursday

Herbs: Dandelion, horsetail, Oregon grape root, wild yam, sage, feverfew, sage, anise, nutmeg, mint

Food: Asparagus, endive, rhubarb, beets, tomato, turnip, watercress, olive

Flowers: Red roses, calendula, anise hyssop, pinks, carnations, clematis, peony, crocus, jasmine.

Animals: Horse, Camel & Elephant

Sagittarius: Countries / Cities   Sun / Asc: Croatia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Timor, Mauretania, Albania, Barbados, Yemen, Surinam, Colombia, Indonesia, Cambodia

Happy New year or sojourn of the Sun; as the Dog Star Sirius reaches’ the highest point in the sky’ and is the brightest star if you are star gazing.

Resource: Universal Law: The seven hermetic principles.