Scorpion New Moon: Cosmic forecast Nov 2018

New Moon Cosmic forecast

The Moon is the fastest moving considered planet in Astrology that is closest to the earth, and also the fastest moving luminary. Her magnetic pull is so strong and effective in relation to earthlings. We will be focusing on her traverse around our great mother of abundance; the Earth, in our Cosmic Astrology forecasts.


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Welcome to this New Moon Wednesday November 7th, 15° in Scorpio. 16:05 GMT hours London UK or 11:05 EST Washington DC. Australia 8 November 03:02 ADET

Remember New Moon’s are good for planting seeds of Intention, for future project’s planning and manifestation & new venture’s, for more knowledge on how to utilise New Moon for seed planting and full Moon’s for harvesting (click here) 98

Scorpio themes for this New Moon is: Eternal mysteries, hidden power, psyche, transformation, rebirth & death, shared resources, taxes, the underworld & your will / desires. Scorpio is more than “sex” its deep intimacy, close bonds which stand the test of time with your partner. Scorpio is the sign of twin flames lovers beyond time and space. How can we transform ourselves?

This Scorpio season has major planetary transits, huge shifts underway. November 6th From utilising our collective focus on creativity and exploring our inner child, identifying self through community, humanity and futuristic ideals, to that of creating nurturing family environment, family centred around strong matriarchal figures, identifying your family or tribe and on the polar axis not to let ambition, status or purpose to reach the top in your career ultimately get in the way of quality time or the want and need to centre and build family bonds, or create a family where an over emphasis may have been worldly ambitions and security. The Capricorn / Cancer polar axis will be featuring heavily for the next 18 months, as we have a series of eclipses in Cancer & Capricorn.

This Scorpio Season is one to focus on your desire with passion, intensity and determination, (this can be attainment of power with fixed focused will). Mars the boss of Scorpio is picking up pace and momentum in Aquarius working in Group initiatives may have come under a lot of pressure in the last 8 weeks, however this the time to forge your relationships, and put building blocks in place for your online hustles, and watch the momentum build.

Being that this new & full Moon lands in a fixed sign of the Scorpio / Taurus access, we have a very strong theme here in London especially of being centred around, redressing of finances, legacies, wills, taxes, finances around joint bank account and business partnerships, and in particular mortgages and insurances, A few Scorpio Moon’s that I know for example got called on old taxes that they had to repay, being that Jupiter is taking his final last breath’s in Scorpio until November 8th when Jupiter moves into his own sign in Sagittarius, exciting times for anyone 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 etc, more about Jupiter in Sag later.

Mars going direct recently and Venus retrograde in Scorpio – Libra continuing the theme of looking in the mirror of relationships. Finances in relationship are still being scrutinised, a lot of tension over finances.

Those who are wise will build a realistic strategy to restructure loans and financial deals that are stifling growth in their relationship, not only finances but what we are building within our relationships with our significant other, the effect or effects, different relationships has caused in our lives, I’m coining this as the ‘Psychological residue’, scars on ourselves and within our relationships, the ability to be true with ourselves first and foremost before that of our loved ones, how we relate to our-self unconditionally first and how this filters and feeds into our reflective love of our significant others. Remember Venus symbolises business partnerships also, and court battles, titanic court battles in this moon cycle.

The universe has given us this unique moment to dive deeper and confront our fears individually and together with love being cemented and bonded with an enhanced special depth that is hard to fathom, unless you surrender to these deeper recesses of human scars that we all have but try to bury, forgiveness does not mean forget, however do not wear these scars of trauma like badges of honour, clean up the SHIT, and clear space to fulfil your higher potential in love, if this be your deepest desire. This new Moon will favour people who utilise healing modalities to heal psychological wounds; creative art therapy, even past life regression. Those who have taken the steps to look long and hard in the mirror of the beautiful reflection in the other, will be rewarded with new energy and togetherness in their love lives.

Jupiter will begin its Journey In Sagittarius on November 8th until December 2019. This is the year of the guru the seeker of spiritual wisdom and metaphysical understanding, University study will be at its peak, and travel companies and tour guides will be doing good business, airplanes and travel companies, hotels, book publishing will be good sectors to invest in in the markets.

Trips of spiritual quest where no place is to far for those who yearn to explore with open minded their particular meaning of life will be blessed, with wisdom, Neptune points to some possible over idealising and deception however if one ignores the signs before them and succumbs to deception, blindly following without aiming there arrow of truth accurately and single mindedly, not to aim your arrow of truth aimlessly and get the better of a curious mind that wanders aimlessly without clear direction and purpose.

Sagittarius is the Angelic influence in ones natal chart, however it will bless those whom are ready and believe in themselves.

Uranus will reawaken its sojourn again in Aries. November 6th. The planet of humanity revelation, technology, social network, community, trends, knowledge & science will be back in the sign of War, completion and Initiating the new, hopefully humanity will be looking to initiate group activities that will then begin to develop new ways of employing group economics.

Neptune direct 25th November

Medical Marijuana, being legalised, Jupiter Neptune, Mercury, Grand trine in Neptune retrograde cycle coming to a close, we have Neptune retrograde Venus, legalise, trine get into the marijuana industry see it as something international and no longer Tyrone in the hood driving around bringing you an 8th and a quarter, get into either holding shares or looking into buying farms. Tyrone is about to be out of business in 5 years or so.

What this all means, Neptune is the higher aspect of love, that of Universal love, self sacrifice, Psychic abilities, imagination, poetic, or visionary art forms, that penetrate the subconscious.

Venus direct November 17th

 Venus going direct in the sign where it loves the most Libra, Those whom have worked on forging better and stronger links in there relationship, bringing a new integral honesty and solidifying a closer union, will be awarded, those that have not, whose relationships are hanging by a thread could well snap.

Mercury Retrograde 17th November

Major Themes of the mind on rewind, be patient with travel delays at airport / overseas, not the best time to apply for passport or International visa travel,

Observe active listening, ask people to repeat what they may have said, as you may miss crucial information first time round.

Go over new contract, and in general look at smaller minute detail, small print, don’t be fearful of taking on new steps or directions, just be very mindful and look at your peripheral blind spots is all.

Mercury Rx / Neptune = gift of the gab, salesman, news about church scandals, charities’ fraud, International relief agencies or organisation like that. International courts and High courts of the land will be overwhelmed with appeals.


Expect to hear from siblings abroad and cousin whom you may have lost contact with.

Beware of tall stories, grandiose tales vastly over exaggerate, and big ideas that are not practical, missing out on practical detail of how to make big ideas real.

Mercury going retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius wit November 17th

Student loans issues.

Great time to contemplate re-reading and tackling things that my have been too grandiose in concepts or philosophical /depth / intellectual ideas that may have been new to you to at the time to go back and tackle these concepts with fresh eyes and the ability to pierce beyond the surface as never before.

I am expected UK news in the media to highlight this so called “windrush generation”, as Sagittarius rules passports, immigration and border mis-controls of Nations, am expecting also the summary of the compensation by the Government to be announced also, with Venus the planet of legalities, and Jupiter in my eyes someone has to take this to the International courts & the high Courts, probably first. The victims are at the mercy of creature of law, and let down by there national governments to fight for them, as stateless i.e. no nationality people. When The Thatcher Government bought in illegal Nationalisation was 30 years ago, Saturn in Sagittarius and this got exposed again when Saturn was in Sagittarius this is a Saturn = Government expose of shady underhand legalities, this Mercury retrograde is the hopefully the re-writing of these wrongs

Communication over major networks like HBO, sky News, International In the UK am expecting some redress and back pedalling to be announced with the Government and illegal immigration policies, that will have to be re-examined , and expecting huge law suits and compensation sums to be in the news during this Rx cycle.

November 16th Mars enters Pisces conjunct Moon in Pisces 1° Sq Jupiter Sag.

Mars the planet of action, in the sign of illusion and fantasies, doesn’t do so well, Mars heat is extinguished by Neptune influence in Pisces.

Heightened emotions also, with Mercury retrograde this auspicious time for those who may be promiscuous or not taking precaution in relationships or those creeping, sexual clinics are going to be in undated with irresponsible cliental, actually a good Moon cycle for any sexual addicts to receive treatment for their sexual addictions, oh and porn addiction also.

November 23rd Full Moon, beware of deception and playing yourself: Listen podcast for more info

Waning Moon Dec 4tH 2018   Take this time over the next two days to reflect on what habitual thinking you need to change, that is may be blocking you from reaching your power, be brutally honest with yourself and monitor your thoughts.

Waning Moon of Scorpio brilliant time to release that, which no longer serves, and things that may be overloading you and weighing you down psychologically.

Happy Scorpio Season!

Rise, transform, relinquish your inner most fears and ascend into your true power.


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