Welcome to Interplanetary Gateways, Cosmic Warriors of the Galaxies. Complete and wholistic approach to Astrology. We offer a complete range of all astrological consultations: Spiritual guidance, discovering your life pathways to guide right decision making, ultimately leading to purpose & goals to attain whilst removing obstacles & barriers.

Think of an individualised Astrology consultation, divined from your unique moment of birth, as a fundamental way to plan the course and safe sailing of your vessel on the wild seas of this thing we call life. What navigational points must you punch into ships GPS?

How will your sail be positioned? Whilst the winds are moderate and the climate warm. When will the high seas become rocky? Winds pick up speed? Gayle force blow you off course? What time of day, the week or the month, where in the seven seas of our ocean?

How to reposition your boat on its safe planned trajectory of destiny? When will the weather change and adjust your boat accordingly, alter your route of course entirely or maybe wait for a more fortunate time to sail? Or simply what precautions and safeguards must you factor in before embarking on this journey that cannot change due to circumstances.

Some people may call the Astrologer in the middle of a storm and request some new directions to navigate troubled waters, how advantageous would it be to simply have knowledge of the weather, course and fluctuations before hand to be forewarned and equipped how to sail with the most amount of ease and good fortune, this in a nutshell is the power of Interplanetary Gateways Astrology.

A large focus of my Astrological consultation has to do with healing and piercing ones personal understanding towards a psychological breakthrough in order to clear pathways to successfully achieving goals.

Whether your current job has future prospects or time to seek new pastures.  What’s the right time to initiate, promote market and execute a project?

How to create better harmony and understanding in relations and to attract better partners in knowing what and whom you attract. Best time to launch a court case and how best to get victory.

Know the science of re-location, where is best suited to you on the planet. For home or relation, best job prospect, even to move country for better fertility outcomes, or a different approach, where in the world can you market your products and service with targeted projected growth.

If you would like an Astrology reading but don’t know your time of birth then we can rectify a chart for you upon answering a questionnaire for an additional fee.

Tired of answering to a boss and would like to develop alternatives, ideally suited career based on your talent or hidden talents.

Astrology of wealth and how to make good and better investment and what investments are best suited to you.

How to make the most of your natural born talents by discovering what they are and how you can utilise them better.

Optiks Hamilton is a British Astrologer who lives in London.  Hamilton Broadcasts, Astrology regularly both on radio & Cosmic Astrology Podcast.

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