New Moon Forecast in Aries 2018

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New Moon in Aries Forecast April 15th – May 15th 2018 Moon Calendar transits

Welcome to the monthly Moon forecasting blog with your Astrologer Optiks Hamilton podcast first New Moon of the Astrological New Year, New Moon in Aries Mantra for Aries Moon cycle is “I AM initiating action fearlessly”.


Our Human species mind patterns and the evolvement of our collective consciousness has a direct relationship to the planetary transits currently in the skies at any  current time directly correlates to what’s moving through all of you and our collective unconscious simultaneously. Learn the Creator’s language; the language of the heavens.

Themes for this month blog, tax Rebates, Loans and re financing business espionage that leads to take overs, Be innovative within your networks, drive forward attaining your goals for independent future. Especially those that are conducive for business foundations and utilising these social networks.

We are experiencing quiet a lot of major energetic shifts however this year new Moon cycle is particular important as the planet /asteroid Chiron moves out of the sign of karma, healing and being sensitive to your own vulnerabilities Pisces.

Triggers of either emotional, career, relationship self improvement, spiritual shifts we are experiencing and evolving to and from, within the current Moon cycles and of course predicting future opportunities and events to be prepared and forewarned about in advanced, As Astrologers we depend on an exact horoscope cast for an individual that is unique to everyone’s own birth time, date and city, whilst Sun sign horoscope is primarily used as a way to channel Interplanetary Gateways Cosmic news for the masses we channel Moon’s transit as the most consistent trigger forecasting the impulsive waves of human psych, behaviour and spiritual development. Always check out our monthly forecasts, for more details refer to Moon month podcasts, articles and video blogs. either emotional balancing, career, relationship self improvement, spiritual shifts we are experiencing and evolving to and from, and of course predicting future opportunities and events to be prepared and forewarned about in advanced.

Now that Communication and contract negotiations and entanglement, crossed wires and unscrupulous contract with banks, loan companies, insurance wills, probate, yes sadly morbid official organisations operating like mobsters calling themselves governments will be easing up in terms of the fog clearing, Start putting into operation well worked out plans. This was a good time to start clearing bad credit that may have been effecting ability to put corporate resource to good utallige.

Mon 16th back to being serious about your business. Most certainly a good time to refinance loans and property deals, premiums will be on the rise so will rent in accordance to property interest , it may be hard to find loans at the present rates for a while to come. UK economy will be hit the most by these changes.

Drive and ambition, with business acumen is definitely a strong feature for those who strive for attainment of big goals and ambitions just do it, throw caution to the wind, sail your boat, nothing will be as perfect as you may have planned but once the boat is built well and sailing its perfectly fine to make your adjustments / mistakes, and yes all in public too. Its all par to the course, of trial error and refinement blaze a new trial , letting go of perfection. Aries be the sign of taking action

With the mist of the false dawns of starting ventures and projects and lofty heights of career ambitions has eased away, time to spring into action for that grand plan you’ve been building brick by brick, little by little, and tend to cultivate your soil so that the seedling will find its way out of the soil strong and undeterred. Time for business, and to set your path on worldly ambitions. Make sure you tend to going over any contractual paperwork, or verbal agreements with a fine tooth comb,

Monday 16th April

Negotiation over rent, mortgages and financing through corporations good to work out. Mortgage and loan agreement expect to rise, definitely good time to re-finance

Chiron the asteroid / Comet in Pisces was release your wounds through creative outlets of expressiveness, The growth of Tarot cards gaining popularity and connect us through spirit, art therapy and mental well being during psychotherapy healing has been breathtaking in the Pisces cycle. Children in care homes and those abused by religions, those imprisoned in institutions and mental health institutions, Neptune in Pisces along with the generation born late 1964 – 1967 are the generation whom are in leadership position in these Pisces profession, Chiron and Saturn in the sign of the fish ,60’s babies.

Chiron centeaur
The New Mythic Tarot Hierophant Liz Greene

ansit. Thorough letting go of your fears share your wounds to be healed with others through empathy and release of our collective fears in the process. Make use of the Chirons present position on the most exalted degree of the zodiac the 359th degree of Pisces, the dustbin clearing house through the astral realms.  Children in care homes and those abused by religions, Astral visions and clearing karmic residue in the battle for supremacy through the spiritual transference to the physical realms. Chiron can stay in a sign for as long as 8 years, Pisces has been very interesting especially for those who were born with Saturn & Chiron in Pisces are born with a dense karmic imprint unlike those of the current generation born from 2011. When we are are approaching 50-51 it can be a Seminole period in soul development. Souls born with Chiron in the sign of the warrior Aries need to discover their own hero’s quest letting go of their insecurities and fears.


Wounded soldiers and soildierettes those born in 1968 – 1977 needed to be humbled, an inflated ego remonstrated through past life patterns, a huge humbling having resulted in the wounds we experienced through childhood. Observe children at play the ego, self will and the centred ‘I’ is foremost and paramount with there own sense of identity, Children 4-6 playing soccer will not understand we are a team we rely on another but will run from one end of the pitch trying to score a solo effort for all the accolades the ego desires. The natural tendancy to exert yourself needs to be guided and refined to use our drive, will and determination to enhance our self and selves in relation to our collective goals. The planets connected to Chiron in your own area of space will highlight exactly how these wounds occurred and with those born in Aries they would have experienced these wounds particularly early in childhood.  Aries the sign of the archetypal warrior within our birth chart illustrates how we go to war, Vietnam war embodies the wounded fighter more so than any other major new event at that era of history, Iraq war’s 1 & 2, Afghanistan.

Chiron the Most intense personal inward pain, as a process of purification and alchemy that transmutes childhood wounds and trauma from self learning how you internalise this pain, go on your own self discovery journey acquiring valuable wisdom and gained life lessons and now relating your pain to the pain of others even sadly at times to the  behest of your self.

Chiron in Aries is a huge major Cosmic shift, as Chiron enters the sign of courage, leadership more the reluctant leader, ego, fearlessness, trailblazing initiating, we can expect a huge emphasis on the collective sense of healing and where we heal others to expound through, being fearless. How we WILL, use our masculine will to engender and drive our agendas forward without losing our collective feminine asset of balance, consideration to others and order

Chiron in Aries on a collective level needs to conquer fears and learn courage, heroicness. Aries starts the birth and beginning of things. So our wounds will be needed to transformed in order to way up a healthy self centred quest to take charge and take adventurous actions in our lives. Chiron in Aries need to learn how to lead others in a way that takes the others in full view at the negation of there own self centred interests.Me Myself and I with full regard to how The I principle will benefit the others. In the podcast we will examine the mythology of Chiron much more thoroughly. Chiron was an Astrologer who had to heal himself first and acquired genius ability in taking full responsibility in aiding and accomplishing wellness sharing with others.

Chiron the wounded healer

How to utilise your wound as ultimately your strength in your own quest to acquire a set of keys to unlock  your own hero’s journey.

Just like the symbolic representation of the snake, or poisonous spiderthat spits out a venom, which paradoxically is also the same serum which when extracted has healing ability so In the inner minds working of the archetype Chiron within us we have the ability to alchemise this lead into gold or wound into our genius ability of Chiron we

18th April Father time & Mother of wisdom Sophia aka ‘Saturn’ turns Retrograde, as time rewinds this once a year is when past present and future merges, we are challenged to rework our responsibilities and to shape up or ship out in the area of being responsible in areas of the hard task master, what plans of operation have we been planning for that we may not have been wise enough to unfold and put to work.

Chiron will be in Aries until September 25th and then will sneak back into Pisces until Feb 2018.

Saturn Lord of Karma

Make sure you Dental Health is optimum during this stelium in Capricorn, dental surgeries are going to be very busy don’t take this lightly.

Wisdom maturity. With Saturn so strong in the heavens the Lord of karma asks what hard lessons that challenge our souls growth do we find most difficult in what ways do our souls need to evolve so these same old patterns don’t repeat in our lifetimes, so we can utilise life experience and put those silver hairs to good usage.

Astrologers subscribes to the pattern of cycles measured through time, Saturn is where represents in life the area where we are most challenged at present those whom are 29, 28, 58 & 59 and those fortunate to experience their 87 & 88 birthdays are going through the peak of these hard life lessons, the more we face shape up or ship out life lessons then we will be blessed with the rewards that hard work, discipline and taking difficult decisions as life challenges us.

Matter over spirit like children who must adhere to boundaries and confines, or experience the wrath of the disciplinarian father, Saturn father time is here to whip us into order and fall into line, everything has its time, and ours is counting down, by the Lord of physical existence, learn how to release the spirit from confines of physical existence.

Saturn retrograde


Saturn in Capricorn is big business, corporations dominance is back in vogue, we are on the verge of major re global positioning of Corporations / Governments taking over government petroleum industries that are tied into investment banking. Donald trump and big business interest is the epitome of this symbol



2oth April Sun moves into Taurus

Mind on my money, money on my mind Venus has been in Taurus and investment business opportunities is definitely the major theme of this Moon cycle Now the Sun on May 15th Another major energy shift Uranus planet that rules technology and humanity in the sign of values morality, agriculture and currency in this case the take off of all forms of crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

Build business opportunities in your social networks, find a way to ground yourself and utilise networks for group economics, will be the major swift wind of change.

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Investment tips for Nations. Building firm takeovers, huge takeover in United Kingdom and USA which companies?

For the rest of the Moon cycle months calendar transit, April 30th Full Moon revelations until May 15th tune into the podcast.