Astrology of Nutrition

Ailments can be detected by trauma or disease or the ability to attract an accident to a body part through a psychological issue not addressed, a physical manifestation of say being impoverished, or a spiritual imbalance. For example the other day I was in the natural health store and the elderly lady was scanning me and I felt she wanted to enquire about something, she seemed genuine so we engaged in the conversation around a particular herb, we had bought the same herb for variant reason, she purchased yarrow to heal a wound’ “What wound I asked”.

‘She pointed to her left shoulder, she said I travelled to Africa two and a half years ago and got all these injections from my GP and ever since I got ill from the vacine and the trauma is still in the shoulder’.

“Left or right shoulder”

‘Left, Ok. Left is Gemini, the right shoulder is Virgo, both are ruled by Mercury, one’s air element the other Earth. Since this is Gemini’s domain, we can surmise, you have a long seated issue with a sibling or siblings could be a cousin too, or another scenario a problem with your neighbour for considerable length of time. However these factors point to airing of the issues, communicating what needs addressing, Miss’.

“Oh Yes siblings, long term issue, yes I can definitely relate to that”.

I merely painted the symbology of the Universe according to her bodily stresses and read her on the spot without a chart or a birth time neither location.

“I keep being told that I must learn to speak and communicate my truth”.

‘Ok, get yourself a blue agate crystal and wear it quite close around your neck, this will help you. Maybe another idea is to acquire some self help books on the art of communication. Have a productive day’.