Astrology of Nutrition

Astrology of Nutrition

Astrology of well being: What nutritional practices and modes of healing is unique to each individual’s birth time.

Lets explore is optimum nutritional habits to support better wholistic health.

Not everything is for everybody, some body types support raw food and plant based nutrition whilst some simply may not.

All the body parts are ruled by a Sign / Planet from head to toe: Aries starts the zodiac on spring equinox and rules the head, whilst Pisces finishes the natural Zodiacal order and Pisces rules the feet.

  • When might be the better time to elect the right time for wisdom tooth extraction?
  • What crystals will aid to strengthen the vitality of the body?
  • You can ask divinatory questions like; What will be the conclusion of these exploratory health tests?
  • Will this ailment I am under, diminish quickly or be around for a period of time?
  • What herbs / nutritional supplements or vitamins will aid my recovery back to health?