Astrology For Gardeners

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Planting by the Moon Phases

Abundance of crops in todays world, like ancient times is in sync with Moon cycles traversing around the the earth, waxing and waning.

Farmers have long used the Almanac a farmers calendar for planting, grafting, transplanting and harvesting.

Ocean tides are directly effected by the gravitational pull of the Moon, so when she is full of light the tides and water causes the water to bulge on the side of the Earth closet to the pull of the Moon creates tidal waves.

The ascendency and descendancy of the worms is in synchronisation with the pull of the Moon, the ability for the soil to decompose and observe nutrients is directly correlated to Moon cycles and constellation positioning as a result, a rich history  of data has been developed through observation throughout ancient times until now around the globe, mainly by the women of the particular tribes.

As an organic gardener who grows and develops gardens, we have experimented with various Astrological gardening techniques.

Having seen the need to develop our own system of building gardens from scratch and planting and maintaining gardens.

Evolution and start of life is considered to evolve from our vast ocean, Of course we are at least 75% of water within our own bodies, and the flow and pressure of our own tides the blood within our own bodies.

Worms use a lunar cycle to time their mating ritual, the majority of cows will give birth in the full moon, hair growth will be accelerated in the waning phase of the Moon and decrease in the waning phase.

Rudolph Steiner popularise some of these Astrological principals of Lunar gardening in Bio dynamic Gardening.

An astrological garden actually helps you in structuring and planning a garden in a structured way, you get healthier seedlings, that will withstand the vulnerability of the elements in the example of frost say, better product yielding quality both quality and quantity during harvest time, also the time to harvest types of crops directly correlates to a Moon cycle’s cosmic positioning.