Relationship Astrology

How we relate to another in this case intimate partners is like an opposite mirror reflection, of looking at ourselves through another. Whom we attract, comes into our life to teach us valuable lessons. Wether passing ships in the night or long term marriage partners. These lessons can be difficult to accept in our lives, if we fail to acknowledge the ugly side of self in the shadows.

Relationship compatibility or what we term in Astrology a ‘synastry reading’ is very important to enhance relationships: To examine how both parties communicate and how the couple connect emotionally, sexually, spiritually and the key lessons that are to be learned for evolvement.

Synastry reading is usually requested when one partner will snoop on gaining insight from their own perspective on the relationship, armed with this new knowledge and wisdom gained it can really aid in understanding things from another perspective and give insights to traits that may come from family conditioning, trauma experienced and how to help heal their self as well as respective partner.

‘Compatibility Readings’ are different, here we look at the union where ‘two has become one’. This service is looking at both your both charts and joining together as one chart. However to book this service the couple would ideally be together for two years.

On the flip side some relationships are simply way too much damn work,¬† sleeping with the enemy is way too apparent in the modern world. Trauma, abuse & violence can see the unhealed partner display disturbing behavioural¬† patterns that may be ghosts echoing from the past and presenting themselves in the present. Extremes of this can be: Internalised violence, abusive relationship’s in ones’s home environment. Crimes of passion is real.

One must be forewarned to navigate safely, most importantly to examine why we attract certain types of relationship according to where we are in our own evolution, what shadow work we must do on ourselves, facing our own demons and looking critically in the mirror and discovering new practical ways in which we can grow beyond our learned behaviour and break patterns and cycles of behaviour and destructive thinking, being and doing. This is the real key, learning love unconditionally of self, will result in going on to lead more fulfilled and internal happier lives.