Astrology of Business

Interplanetary Gateways employs Business Astrology strategies to diagnose the current status of the business and forecasts area of growth and expansion, exploring dynamics of business, marketing campaigns, team dynamics strength and weaknesses. With the cosmic key’s all in concordance with Universal timing,

Having worked with charity organisations on the brink of disclosure. Optiks timed and seeked  the right avenues for funding for charity organisations on the brink of bankruptcy and today these organisations are striving and some have gone unto new directions in regards to their charity remit.

Universal timing for business success, opens the lotus for key moments to plant new seeds in fertile ground, to seize the right opportunities, where to market in the world and why.

Human beings are naturally curious. We all want to enquire, questions concerning fate and destiny in regards to how our future is being shaped. We want to know whether or not we would fair good in a job, whether our marriages would last, whether our investments would be fruitful and so on and so forth.

Sign Map your way to success

Did you know? Companies have Astrology charts also.

Starting a new company, time your incorporation, are you considering rebranding? Do you know where in the world you will be more successful and why, and where to branch out and target your marketing and promotion campaigns. some terrains will be more attuned to the growth of your company than others.

Signs of Success

Independent career, what skills or assets does one possess to transfer their innate talent and ability in order to forge a successful career and develop one’s own business. At Interplanetary gateways we look at strategies’  skillsets and timing, as well as knowledge and information one may acquire to grow your sense of what is your true vocation and ultimately what you will be best known for in the world, coupled with your business endeavours.

Astrology of Work and career

Many people are not aware the wrong career and stress at work can be directly related to stress that can actually induce signs of declining health, Is this company suited to me, will promotion be viable, if so when, have I reached the apex at this company is it time to look for another company if so where shall I extend my search and when shall I jump ship to make a transition.