Divination Ask a question

Astrology of Divination ‘Horary’

Ever have a burning question your dying to know, and you want to know it right now:

  • Where is my lost cat?
  • Where is my car keys?
  • will this job promotion further my career goals?
  • will this relationship be a loving one?
  • which horse will win this race?
  • where might I find my real birth father, I’ve never met him?

Ask a direct, complete question for a definitive yes or no answer; the astrology chart for your question will be divined when you enquire with your enquiry.

Think of your question very carefully and formulate the question so in can be phrased for a yes or no answer, these questions are elaborated on and fully explained in a detail question, however for the rules of this discipline of horary Astrology, question exactly like you would a pendulum.

This is an email only service. Example questions: Where is my lost cat, Will this client be profitable, Where is my lost passport in my home, these are just a tip of the iceberg of possible divination questions.

This is a magical discipline of ancient Astrology.