Artist Phoe-Nix Nebula © Phoe-Nix Nebula & Optiks Hamilton

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Acquire the knowledge and practical skills learning to be in perfect harmony with the ebb & flow of natures rhythms and cycles.

The Moon is the most consistent celestial light that acts like a trigger of an equivalent minute hand of our Astrological clock that absorbs the celestial, signs and planets energy in our Grand Circle of Life called the Zodiac.

Every 28 days on average we are given a unique opportunity to exercise wisdom to programme our intentions, sowing seeds in the Cosmic birthing process of the kissing of the Sun and the Moon.



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This beautiful magnanimous science / Art we called Astrology is always bang on the money, during the podcast in convo with Zena I said ” I have’t looked at Stormzy natal chart but i can bet you any money their is something in his chart that symbolises the transits we are having”. why out of all the celebrities did the Universe choose him to be the archetype of the current story being signposted in the skies. Mars represents friction war, blood, KNIFE CRIME, Leo represents the children and mercury the planet represents the youth, mercury and Mars are conjunct in Leo the sign of creativity, we have the biggest global festival and the archetypal born Leo the lion is Stormzy, with mars and Mercury conjuncting = (next to one another in the celestial skies) Stormzy’s natal Sun its no accident that this great young man identified and bodied this ongoing critical national Click here to listen to Capricorn Lunar Full Moon eclipse……

             Total Solar Eclipse Cancer New Moon

Peace & Love welcoming in the Total Solar Eclipse, Please click here to hear this lunar month’s podcast. Myself Optiks Hamilton & Zena Edwards from poetstarotcorner.com recorded this in-depth thorough breakdown and analysis: What’s the significance of Eclipses Solar & Lunar; and what does this mean to our own microcosm of the Sun & Moon that Eclipses within us on our own inward spiritual Journey. As well as our regular lunar cycle cosmic forecasting and how to navigate in our collective celestial boat as it were, and to be always directing our collective boat to stiller waters.

ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS OF ALL KINDS /ONE TO ONE ASTROLOGY TUTORIAL (packed with value)  (click services on menu bar). Tarot readings by Zena Edwards https://poetstarotcorner.com/choose-book-your-reading/click here to listen to podcast

The Eclipse is a representation of our outer & inner minds eye or our ‘optic nerve’ / perception from a sensory perception; i.e. what you can see and feel from project light from the dark, our subconscious.

Once someone said to me ‘Optiks last night the Moon was so so powerful it felt like everywhere I went, she the Moon was watching and following me everywhere I can feel her energy, you know similar to when you feel someones gaze on you, it was trippy’. I laughed and replied. “That’s very interesting the Ancients viewed

Journey Inwards to your Sacred Purpose Full Moon in Sagittarius

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Nut Galactical Centre
Astrology is a Cosmic science / art; that has been kept alive at the forefront of peoples awareness, mainly through the world wide press and dentist coffee table magazines. That being said the higher spiritual principles has sadly been almost lost and forgotten. The Ancients had mythological Deities to expound and simplify Cosmological mysteries. This Full Moon at 26° Sagittarius is a portal @ 09:30 UCT /GMT June 17th into the Great Sophia, Nuit, Maddona, Virgin Mary, Sacred Cow, Yemaya, Nommo of the Dogons in Mali etc…. In Astronomy / Astrology she is the Spiralling of the Galactical Centre. Enter the other dimensions in inner contemplation as she falls next to Jupiter retrograde, Jupiter is very close to the ecliptic of the Earth. These planetary alignments is a calling to Realign self to your sacred purpose and meet your Galactical parents. We (true man / woman) are all descended from the great celestial sea we are from this cosmic egg a vast dark womb called Dark matter, in the illustration Nut arches over Geb, who is actually masculine in this mythos, unusually. Hapi Full Moon in Sag.  click here to read rest of blog



New Moon In Gemini podcast June 3rd 2019 click here 

Welcome to this New Moon in Gemini podcast of June 3rd. In this episode London Astrologer Optiks Hamilton and Tarot reader Zena Edwards talk about the pervading themes that the people will be facing and dealing with one global perspective with our British spectacles on. This astrological forecast explores: How we communicate within ourselves our internal chatter & inner voice communication and how this leads to self sabotage. New Modes of thinking, rebellion against conditioning, responsibility of child maintenance parental access in courts, corruption & abuse of power by Government and challenges in the weeks and months ahead, and so much more in the lead up to the full moon of June 16th 2019




Astrology is the correlation between heavenly bodies nature and human affairs  on Earth.  It is a phenomena that has been observed  & studied for thousands of years by ancient and modern societies.

We are born with a blueprint, a signature equivalent to a contract between ourselves and our creator we have chosen to incarnate at a unique specific time to enable our souls and spirits growth and evolutionary pattern.

One of the questions I’m often asked as an astrologer is; “how do I find out what am good at”; well one of the secrets is to find your place within the Universal rhythmic ebb and flow. We may at times feel we have been dealt a bad hand, in this card game call life. However when we learn how to change our perception of our hand unconditionally we’ll be winning the game of life.

Join the cosmic galactic warriors as we herald in a new age the Aquarian age. Let us be victorious in holy battle, the battle inside.

Embark now on your own hero / heroines journey and evolve yourself in your own sacred battle.

“The war going on inside, no one is safe from”

Isaiah 47:13

13 Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee.

Thank you for taking your spirituality serious and investing in yourself!

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